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Roll back tax cuts for wealthiest, close corporate tax loopholes

"The last thing a government should do during a recession is to cut spending," said President Obama during his April 14 Georgetown University speech.

In reference to the $3 billion President Obama has sent to New Mexico, he said, "Spend this money quickly and wisely to create new jobs."

But, New Mexico's lawmakers are refusing to follow the President's plan. They cut the student funding unit value by $29.68, creating deep education cuts.

To make matters worse, lawmakers increased retirement deductions, and cut take-home pay by 1.5 percent when they passed HB 854.

To make matters even worse, lawmakers  refuse to roll back tax cuts for the wealthiest, close corporate tax loopholes, and invest President Obama's $3 billion stimulus. 

Below is a presentation about the campaign to deal with this tax revenue shortfall crisis.

Click on the resource below, and get involved in the struggle to restore student funding cuts.

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