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Kathy Chavez, President, Albuquerque Federation of Certified Professionals 

Todd Torgerson Chief Human Resources & Legal Support Services 

Valerie Hoose, Executive Director of Labor Relations & Staffing

Re:  Joint Memo Regarding Essential Duties for Educational Assistants, Health Assistants, Behavior Redirectors, Library Assistants, Family Liaisons, Bus Drivers, and Bus Attendants

To whom it may concern,

Under the current Public Health Order and with the rollout of the District’s Continuous Learning Plan all paid staff should be considered available to participate in activities that contribute


By joining the AFCP, you are joining a force of school professionals who together, have the power to bargain for better wages and working conditions in your school district. Find out more here! 


Randi Weingarten at a Massachusetts high school

Summer is upon us, and parents, children and teachers are winding down from what has been an exhausting and fully operational school year—the first since the devastating pandemic. The long-lasting impact of COVID-19 has affected our students’ and families’ well-being and ignited the politics surrounding public schools. All signs point to the coming school year unfolding with the same sound and fury, and if extremist culture warriors have their way, being even more divisive and stressful.


What unions do


In AFT President Randi Weingarten’s latest New York Times  column, she describes what it is exactly that unions do. Though unions are the most popular they have been in decades, anti-union sentiment still thrives in red states and across the nation. “Several years ago, The Atlantic ran a story whose headline made even me, a labor leader, scratch my head: ‘Union Membership: Very Sexy,’” Weingarten writes in the column. “The gist was that higher wages, health benefits and job security—all associated with union membership—boost one’s chances of getting married. Belonging to a union doesn’t actually guarantee happily ever after, but it does help working people have a better life in the here and now.” Click through to read the full column.

Randi Weingarten and NYC teacher Tamara Simpson

Attacks on public education in America by extremists and culture-war peddling politicians have reached new heights (“lows” may be more apt), but they are not new. The difference today is that the attacks are intended not just to undermine public education but to destroy it.


AEAA has launched a 2010 Petition Drive to Raise Revenues. This weblink provides a PDF file petition download, as well as where state lawmakers can find the money to provide an education for New Mexico's K-12 school children, as well as college and university students. Included is information about THREE POINT PLAN: A Permanent Fix for Budget Cuts.


Powerpoint presentation about campaign to roll back tax cuts for wealthiest, close corporate tax loopholes, and restore education cuts.


After you identify your state senator and representative, you should write them a personal letter. This link provides the major points your letters should cover.