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Write a personal letter to your state legislators

Write two (2) personal letters. Mail them to your state senator and representative. Your letters should:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Tell them you're a registered voter who lives in their districts.
  3. Tell them you appreciate the hard work they've done to raise the minimum pay of principals and teachers.
  4. Tell them you're an education assistant (EA), community support liaison (CSL), or campus security assistant (CSA), and that you work hard, too, but you're paid poverty-level wages.
  5. Tell them how much you're paid. Include a copy of your most recent pay stub.
  6. Tell they you need a law mandating minimum pay of $15K, $20K and $25K for EAs, CSLs and CSAs.
  7. Include this sentence: "Please contact me. I need to know if will you vote YES for a bill raising the minimum pay for EAs, CSLs and CSAs to $15K, $20K and $25K." 
  8. Include your return mail home address and phone number. Write "Thank you" and sign your name.
  9. Make copies of your personal letters before you mail them.
  10. If you don't get a reply from your state senator or representative in 2 weeks, call them.

Click here to launch the process to identify your state senator and representative, and their mailing addresses.

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